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Bottled water: an environmental human rights issue?

Have you ever thought whatever happens to your plastic waterbottle? Even if you put it into a recycling bin (which most people worldwide don’t), the plastic can only be effectively recycled around 5 times before it becomes permanent waste and… … Continue reading

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Climate change and gender – vulnerability, coping strategies and policy making.

It is widely recognised that climate change does not affect people equally. The related disasters and impacts often intensify existing inequalities, vulnerabilities, economic poverty and unequal power relations. Differently positioned women and men perceive and experience climate change in diverse ways because of … Continue reading

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Environmental right are human rights – introductions by Friends of Earth

People all over the world are claiming their rights. In early 2004, the Ava Guarani people of Argentina marched 1,774 miles to demand that the government return the 5,000 hectares of their ancestral territory given to a global corporation for sugar production. Cameroonian … Continue reading

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Environment and Human Rights: excerpt from Council of Europe’s Compass

It is not possible to separate the environment – the deserts, forests or urban sprawl – from people and human rights issues, especially those of social justice and development. This is not only true in Africa, but also everywhere, including Europe. The … Continue reading

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Human Rights and The Environment: quick intro to the connections

The following human rights are often affected by environmental harms: Right to Life The right to life has extensive environmental links. It could be linked to any environmental disruption that directly contributed to the loss of lives – including to … Continue reading

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